Its January again and time to start thinking about  what you want  to achieve this year…

How many of us make  the same resolutions each year and think this year will be different only  to find  by March ( or even earlier ) our good intentions have fallen by the wayside and life has taken over.  Its important to really think through whats important and how you want to feel ( an important step often left out)

Having a Coach who is not emotionally involved can help you clarify what is important and keep you accountable.

If  this time next year you don’t want to be starting off with the same old resolutions be it

  • Losing  that same stone that you have been trying to lose for the last 5 years
  • Finding a new Job
  • Saving more money/ getting out of debt
  • Feeling less stressed / overwhelmed

Its time to get serious, When you finally achieve a  goal thats important to you there is a huge  sense of  satisfaction and we feel good about our selves.  This new found confidence leads us to do other things that we previously  didn’t feel able to and a virtuous circle is formed.

Remember when you are happy  it has a direct impact on those around you, they then reflect this back to you and the circle grows.

Happy 2017 Make it a good one