Get a life (coach)

What to expect when you’re Iin the spotlight

I like to think I have my life together writes Áine. Good job, great friends, parents I adore, yes, life has handed

me lemons and I’ve made the loveliest lemonade possible. Right? Well, yes, I do have a good life but when it comes to thinking of the future, that’s where I’m a bit stuck.

When we discuss the type
of features we do in Woman’s Way, I always wanted to try life coaching and finally arranged for a session with Marion Mitchell in the Dublin Holistic Centre. Marion also works from Trim, Co Meath.

As a trained life coach, along with myriad holistic therapies, I was to speak with her about career direction and whatever else popped up.

Her services include giving clients confidence and self- assuredness to pursue their dreams, professionally and personally, and even to work out what those dreams are.

As soon as I arrived to the Holistic Centre, I felt at ease. Marion’s room was warm and comfortable and I got a good feeling about her as we sat
and watched a rainy Dublin afternoon. I felt safe and secure and knew whatever was spoken about during our 90-minute session was confidential.

We began by talking about the work I do, how I had started in the industry, and if I had any particular worries and concerns. For me, I love my job and I care about it deeply. But I’m also ambitious and want to do a million things – or so it seems – at all times. Honestly, I don’t want a piece of the cake, I want the whole thing.

At all times, I felt Marion was listening to me and when she spoke, helping me outline exact issues and speaking about setting actions, I felt she had understood what I was saying.
I wasn’t looking for someone to merely agree with me, I wanted someone to listen and perhaps give some insight into how I could improve my situation. Rather, Marion helped me set some goals that would – and have – made my muddled brain feel better. It’s a funny thing to speak with a relative stranger when that person can say a few lines that open up conversation.

We spoke about things that I haven’t talked about  with anyone else – and I felt comfortable to do that. It was an open conversation; I addressed the issues that I probably didn’t want to think about until I had to. Isn’t it always much easier to pretend you’re sorting through things when all you want to do is hide sometimes?

Marion set me some exercises and actions which included using the Emotional Freedom Technique tapping – a series of tapping using the body’s energy meridian points – that help you feel more in control of scenarios. I tried it with Marion in her room and have continued to use it at stressful moments. And, to be honest, I like the idea of a bit of homework, plus the realisation that this session was only the beginning of something.

Ninety minutes seemed to fly by and I left Marion with feelings of clarity and resolution. It’s very much not a one-size-fits-all treatment, the techniques Marion uses depend on the person with whom she’s working. But I did feel more focused because I’d given time over to thinking about things that I think about ‘in theory.’

I appreciated Marion’s time and experience and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend her and the session.

Marion’s coaching sessions start at €70 and she also has package prices. She is based on Fridays in the Dublin Holistic Centre and in Trim, Co Meath. For more information email:

or tel: 086 372 7227

Aine Toner, Editor, Womans Way