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The first step taken on any journey is the most important. It can also be the most daunting! With so many of us so busy all the time,  it can be hard to prioritise  and our own needs can often  get neglected

“Happiness is a Journey not a Destination”

If you’re ready to start thinking about YOU, I can help, and if you are one of those people who feel they should be focused on others rather than themselves….  Remember  how we are  feeling has a direct impact  on those around us.

With more than thirty years experience I’ve helped people from all walks of life work out what is truly important to them. 

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 With a Background of over 25 years in Coaching and Human Resources, I understand People and organisations. Through my own personal journey I  explored many  alternative ways to get results.  When something works for me I am always curious to know more and this has led me to training in  Eating Psychology, Reiki, Gaia, EFT and NLP.

 I offer a truly holistic approach. We start with a discussion to establish what is going on in your life and what you would like to work on.   I then offer a carefully tailored programme designed specifically for you.

I have worked with people from all walks of life and in my experience we are all very similar with  similar needs and wants 

Companies I have worked for include the BBC, BP Diageo, HMH, BNY Mellon, Tesco among many others including new company start ups, entrepreneurs, Stay at home Mums, Teenagers,  Therapists, Doctors and other Health Practitioners

 I can help you develop the confidence, skills, beliefs and energy to make changes and live the life you want.


Built on  confidentiality and trust, coaching is a technique used to help you unlock your true potential. Through coaching, you can discover how to achieve what you truly want with balance and perspective.

Everyone experiences challenges in their life – the key is how you react and respond to them. My coaching combines professional support, coping strategies, a wealth of advice and support with mind body therapies to help you discover what truly makes You happy.  

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Are you ready?



"I went for Eft to Marion for sugar cravings, we worked much deeper and I realised that my cravings were really stress related, she gave me some great understanding about why I do what I do and tools to help me. I still enjoy my chocolate but do not feel guilty and am finding I am eating it much less but really enjoying it "

Frances Casey

"The coaching I receive provided me with clarity of potential options for the future, as well as the confidence to take a risk and pursue my aspirations."


"I was going through a very stressful time in my life, working with Marion really helped, she gave me valuable tools to help me manage my situation. She really listens and you feel she is there because she really cares. I loved the combination of therapies she offers as each of them work in a completely different way and it feels very personal. "

Mary Farrelly

"I was feeling stuck in my life, Marion had a chat with me and she did a combination of EFT and Gaia ( energy healing) I felt very relaxed during the session but afterwards felt something had shifted and I felt a lot better, more grounded and motivated. I had 3 sessions and am now having top ups every few months, I believe it puts be back together and keeps me sane. "

Mary O Dwyer

"After coaching with Marion Mitchell, my presentation skills have improved significantly –am feeling much less stressed and not only am I feeling more confident I am actually enjoying presenting."


"I was stuck in my career, I went to Marion for Career coaching but got much more than that. Thanks Marion "

Pauline Gates

"It's difficult to get really honest feedback from people reporting to you, a coach has the objectivity to present the truth, which helps in solving the related issue. I would highly recommend coaching with Marion Mitchell to anyone."


"I was having a tough time at work, I was being bullied by my manager. Marion was a listening ear, and with her background in Human Resources and Mediation she was able to give me good practical advice, I was able to deal with the situation and things are much better at work now "

Name Withheld

"I left Marion with feelings of clarity and resolution. It’s very much not a one-size-fits-all treatment, the techniques Marion uses depend on the person with whom she’s working. But I did feel more focused because I’d given time over to thinking about things that I think about ‘in theory.’ I appreciated Marion’s time and experience and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend her and the session. "

Aine Toner, Editor, Womans Way Magazine

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