One of the greatest gifts a mother can give her child is to heal her own issues with Food and Body Image and be a healthy role model.  We live in a world where we are  constantly bombarded with unrealistic images, where how we look is more important than how we feel,  who we are or what we do.

In a study of 3 – 6 year old girls, almost 50% said they were worried about being fat and 30% already want to change something specific about their body,

On average 90% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies….. thats almost all of us….

In Ireland alone, a country with a population of only 4 million, the department of Health and Children estimates that up to 200,000 are affected by eating disorders  with a further 400 emerging each year and that  80 people  are dying annually. It is hard to get accurate statistical information due to the nature of this issue.

Many of us  spend  so much  energy  and time losing and gaining  the same 10 lbs….  and more …to only look back years later wishing we had appreciated the bodies and lives that we had, Wishing we had spent our time and energy on something more useful and productive and less time and energy  beating ourselves up.

Over the years working  with numerous clients  ( including myself) I realised that deep down  all we want  is to be happy. Happy in our relationships, our jobs, our bodies and most importantly within  ourselves.

Yes we all want to be fit and healthy but what often  starts out as a dissatisfaction with our physical appearance becomes a hatred of our bodies and by extension ourselves. This is not healthy and can lead to eating disorders, depression and more..

Maybe now is the  time to take a more holistic approach to our Health,  both body and mind and start accepting ourselves as we are, helping our children develop a good body image from an early age, being a  good example  of self acceptance and balance in an unbalanced and sometimes unrealistic world.


( Marion Mitchell , is a Qualified Eating Psychology Coach, a Mind Body Nutritionist, a Life Coach and EFT Practitioner and works with clients on Body Image, Stress and Anxiety,, 0863727227)